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Heilung - Othan (official track premiere)

Dodano: 2019-04-30

Wyświetleń: 314825

Czas trwania: 10:19

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Opis materiału Heilung - Othan (official track premiere)

                  Subscribe to Season Of Mist for new releases : https://som.lnk.to/YouTube. Taken from the upcoming album "Futha". Release date: June 28th, 2019. Order here: http://smarturl.it/HeilungFutha or via the band here: https://som.lnk.to/HeilungTM

09 Aug 19 Jaromer (CZ) Brutal Assault
17 Aug 19 Borre (NO) Midgardsblot 2019
07 Sep 19 Selb (DE) Mediaval Festival 2019
19 Oct 19 Hameln (DE) Autumn Moon Festival 2019 (Exact date TBA)
22 Oct 19 Palladium (PL) Warschau
24 Oct 19 Berlin (DE) Admiralspalast
26 Oct 19 Essen (DE) Colosseum Theater
28 Oct 19 Munich (DE) Circus Krone
30 Oct 19 Prague (CZ) Hybernia
01 Nov 19 Halle (DE) Händelhalle
03 Nov 19 Vienna (AT) Der Globe
05 Nov 19 Zurich (CH) Volkshaus
07 Nov 19 Kiel (DE) Kieler Schloss
10 Nov 19 London (UK) Roundhouse
14 Nov 19 Utrecht (NL) Tivoli Vredenburg
17 Nov 19 Brussels (BE) AB
20 Nov 19 Paris (FR) Elysée Montmartre
06 Dec 19 Lviv (UA) Lviv State Circus
08 Dec 19 Kyiv (UA) Center of Culture and Arts NAU
18 Feb 20 York (UK) Descended from Odin Festival (Exact date TBA)

Video made by Aimed & Framed

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Tharp Cameron
i have been trying to do research on this...who is this image depicting, all i can think of is baphomet but i know thats not what it is
Bryan Günter Hinrichsen Machmar
There is no evidence of "Moloch"-like figures in proto-germanic peoples. Neither representations of the "eye of horus" on squirrels. Please Heilung please don't fuck with masonic shit. There is plenty enough of that shit.
Lego Playmo
Damn, this just blew my mind.
Malcolm B.
If you're sick of ads, consider this: I happily paid 10 dollars on iTunes to dodge ads, support the band, aand get 8 other songs by this amazing group. In business, that's called an investment, not a purchase: this band does a lot for me on the spiritual side. Priceless.
Malcolm B.
Intro (0:01-0:07) is now my ringtone. Only problem: I get excited every time someone calls, and I blue ball my ears into sadness.
Michael von Ullrichstein
7 Commercial Breaks?? Seriously?? 😳😠😠😠
Damo Revo
Awesome stuff
Question: Is that satan? o_o Or some Norse god? I like this music, but I ain't about the satanic stuff. Just wanna make sure Heilung isn't a cult or something, I'm veeery new here.
Bah it’s a satanic cult. Just when I was liking them for the music.