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The Black Keys - Go ["Let's Rock" Tour Rehearsals]

Dodano: 2019-08-08

Wyświetleń: 184129

Czas trwania: 02:45

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Opis materiału The Black Keys - Go ["Let's Rock" Tour Rehearsals]

                  Watch the tour rehearsal video for “Go” now ⚡

Catch the band on the "Let's Rock" Tour this Autumn. Get tickets now at http://theblackkeys.com

Sep 21 | Las Vegas, NV
Sep 23 | Denver, CO 
Sep 24 | Kansas City, MO
Sep 25 | St. Louis, MO
Sep 27 | Chicago, IL
Sep 28 | Minneapolis, MN 
Sep 30 | Cleveland, OH
Oct 01 | Nashville, TN
Oct 02 | Columbus, OH
Oct 04 | Milwaukee, WI
Oct 05 | Detroit, MI
Oct 07 | Pittsburgh, PA
Oct 08 | Grand Rapids, MI
Oct 09 | Toronto, ON
Oct 11 | Boston, MA
Oct 12 | Washington, DC
Oct 14 | Philadelphia, PA
Oct 15 | Brooklyn, NY
Oct 16 | Washington, DC
Nov 05 | Sunrise, FL
Nov 06 | Orlando, FL
Nov 08 | Raleigh, NC
Nov 09 | Atlanta, GA
Nov 12 | Houston, TX
Nov 13 | Austin, TX
Nov 14 | Fort Worth, TX
Nov 16 | Phoenix, AZ
Nov 17 | San Diego, CA 
Nov 19 | Los Angeles, CA 
Nov 20 | San Francisco, CA 
Nov 22 | Portland, OR 
Nov 23 | Tacoma, WA 
Nov 24 | Vancouver, BC                


Robert Craig
This is good shit
K. K
wish I could afford to go see this show. I love ac/dc. the stones but these guys are just as awesome
K. K
I am moving to Greeneville  Tennessee in nov 2019  from the north east (maine) after my cancer treatment and looking to settle down in a quiet setting, but I head dan has a studio in Nashville?? maybe I can make a trip there ? I play bass bass and have played some of their songs . would be nice to see where a legend lives!!
Jordan Dahlquist
Just got my tics for Inglewood!!
David Brooks
I had to sit on the toilet for this one! Rock the shit out of me!!!
Zark's Viral Machine
Come to Peru please!
Luca Bedford
i feel bad for Dan, i mean this song is so devoid of energy and passion and you can really see that he's struggling to play it
Does anyone wish the album versions sounded more like these rehearsal versions? Lt's Rock feels a bit overproduced imo.
Put it on 1.05 speed to match the album
i love when they switch the tempo up later in the song for a few bars and then speed it back up. reinforces the message of the song, even when you get some time to slow down and reflect, don't get too comfortable cause it won't be long before life calls again and you're back to the grind.