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twenty one pilots - "Cut My Lip" [LIVE @ SiriusXM]

Dodano: 2019-01-31

Wyświetleń: 1135530

Czas trwania: 04:26

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Opis materiału twenty one pilots - "Cut My Lip" [LIVE @ SiriusXM]

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joao vitor
My fav song ever
Anyone here after the pregnancy announcement and looking at Tyler and seeing how much of a dad he looks like in this video? Like.. I dunno.. something about him gives me dad vibes and it's kinda adorable. :)
64 divorced clams
I see all these comments about Tyler slapping that pianoBruhIf you wann see some NOICE piano slaps watch Bo Burnham he smacks the shit out of the piano
Round_ Cereal
Tyler is gonna be a father I’m so happy!!!
Jayne Kelly
I've been struggling with alcohol for a long while, I've recently stopped drinking. This song has so much meaning to me than any other song could. This song has saved my life. Thank you Tyler (and Josh) love you both
Lindokuhle Libalele
Jeff Karrick
this is there masterpiece atm
Beāte Elizabeth /artsy_chaos
my favorite song 🖤💛
This is one of my favorite songs from trench and probably one of my favorites of twenty one pilots ever, and i just saw this and i just broke out crying. I can’t help to think how much these 2 guys have helped me through the years and how amazingly musically talented they are .
danidbl5 balboa
Me corrí lul