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[MV] PENTAGON(펜타곤) _ SHA LA LA(신토불이)

Dodano: 2019-03-27

Wyświetleń: 6734136

Czas trwania: 03:21

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Opis materiału [MV] PENTAGON(펜타곤) _ SHA LA LA(신토불이)

                  [MV] PENTAGON(펜타곤) _ SHA LA LA(신토불이)

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PENTAGON, the legend of bouncing back popular for ‘Shine’ and ‘Naughty boy’, releases its eight mini album ‘Genie:us’ and heralds its limitless growth potential as an artist once again. Title track ‘SHA LA LA’ is a Future House dance song, showing the strength of the group, which is good at performance, with the strong and powerful perfect group dance and the witty and straightforward lyrics that only PENTAGON can digest. The key to ‘SHA LA LA’ is the strong beat and cool melody that can blow off all the stress from everyday life. The repeated phrase ‘SHA LA LA’ in the refrain precisely expresses the idea of this song by making the listeners become addicted to it. 

:: iTunes : https://itunes.apple.com/album/genie-us-ep/1457813574?l=ko&ls=1&app=itunes


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Wow peach
Jade Lopez Murillo
I'm new and I'm really liking this.They deserve the best!Wooseok and Yuto's rap was lit.
Tahjania Gibbs
My Pentagon bias is a rotational thing it changes every comeback😂
Dion Apriandi
2:41 and 2:48 the best rap
audrey fortier
so sorry I would have liked to discover this group before because they are so good and im so in love with the rap line wooseok and yuto you are my bias i always fall in love with the deep voice and i cant stop listen this song so good
Kaniya Barnes
Everyone in the comments People are sleeping on pentagon they deserve so much more Well then why dont we help them instead of fussing which isn't doing anything😒 PENTAGON 4 EVER. Ot10 ofc everyone misses edawn. But we still have the rest of the guys so lets help and praise them😊
Rei x
A lot of fans must have left after Edawn did.. such a disappointment. These bois deserve all the love <3
Rei x
Yeo One kicking the piano is me after my teacher assigns me 7 homework assignments-
Karla Ramirez
*preparandig para el coro*... SHINTOBURI!!!