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One of those days - Candide Thovex

Dodano: 2013-05-14

Wyświetleń: 6009832

Czas trwania: 04:03

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Opis materiału One of those days - Candide Thovex

                  A usual skiing day for Candide in his home resort, could have ended in a better way this time! Out skiing with his friend Aziz Benkrich (red pants), we should probably tell you 'DON'T try this at home' !!



Game Hub
Me being scared of the bunny hill
Wesh Bien
T un génie
Conrad Price
I don't see how he takes off so well considering the balls of steel he has.
Lucas Pfaffernoschke
2:57 wow
Lucas Pfaffernoschke
2:57 wow
Aziz's jump at 2:57 is INSANE !! Holy crap !! THUMB UP for this guy too !
Edvard Engelbrekt (elev)
Just letting you know this is an add for GoPro if you haven't noticed that. I saw this add on a resturant and it said something with "bla bla bla GoPro experience..."
The ending is just epic!!!
Casually does a double cork 900 over a natural feature... like wtf
Colin Landry
Run!! The cops are coming!!