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Chiquitita - Abba (Karaoke-Videoke♪) HD

Dodano: 2014-10-12

Wyświetleń: 405349

Czas trwania: 05:17

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Opis materiału Chiquitita - Abba (Karaoke-Videoke♪) HD

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aliahjhee bell
there are some errors of the lyrics
Kuya wala po yung ganitong video talaga sa youtube kasi distributed siya ng ivory music
Slow down. Going a bit too fast..
Bernard Lorbes
Do you have dancing queen
Mira Lizada
Hi my loving soul mate how are you now? Hope are you always ok and always love me. Because me i always love you forever f someday you have been to we meet together right. ..i waiting that time ok. ..i want to sleep this time and good night i love you always and forever how about you for me your feelings . God bless you ...muwaah 💏 💑 👪 💖
Sebastiano Sinatra
Non smetterei mai di ascoltarla, trovo che ha una ritmica eccezionale!!
zil calumba
A Chang gonna come
Music is great. Errors. Errors...you're enchained...not in shame. Also it is broken a feather and not... fed up.
Cherry Calim
Yes this song' meant for me..lol! So sing it for me!
Jesse_ Mills
They did the wrong lyrics for one part they said " ... now i see your broken and fed up" but its " ... now i see you've broken a feather"