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mauro picotto pulsar - original tea mix

Dodano: 2010-03-13

Wyświetleń: 185615

Czas trwania: 07:32

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Opis materiału mauro picotto pulsar - original tea mix

                  mauro picotto pulsar original tea mix from the 2002 remix ep media records                


Mark K
M A U R O P I C O T T O D J D J. I'm 🇮🇪 in 🇮🇹 and there's something really special about Italian electronic music. They make some of the worst rock, pop music ever but they excel at this.. Had he stuck to tech trance over the years I think he'd still be one of the biggest names in dance music. I respect how he went with what he loves though. That said his latest stuff sounds shocking cheesy to me.. Like EDM? Guiseppe Ottaviani also a genius. A lot of great Italian house music too! Viva Italia
carl richards
Savage tune 2019 timeless yet again
Arie Rendier
2019 here we go again, love his bass,somebody still here
Rikis Terry
Tears im my eyes. So many good memories, but it was in the 90s. This remix is bomb.
Joey Collins
What the fuck happened to this sound?
James Griffin
Wtf happened
Dave Svítil
Excellent <3 need this vinyl
bit ge
Mike Hunt
M.A.U.R.O.P.I.C.O.T.T.O.D.J.D.J Best intro eva
Dany Thivierge
The best version