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Southpaw - Still Cold by Night Lovell

Dodano: 2016-07-09

Wyświetleń: 6025889

Czas trwania: 03:28

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Opis materiału Southpaw - Still Cold by Night Lovell

                  Not amv but mmv from southpaw one of my favourite movies
 peace yo

movie: southpaw

song: Night Lovell - Still Cold                


James Williams
Cant wait for Netflix to get it!! :)
Jake please be the next Batman, You are the only one that can take the mantle of Christian Bale!
Lyudmila Dobrovolskaya
Proud Irish_man
Still checking if the place still coldMoving in a way no place no snowStraight chillin' with my niggas and shiverThinking about the sun lay thoughts on the riverMove back nigga, move back niggaFake Jordan-ass whack-ass bitch niggaI come packed with eleven damn shotsI claim this city and I take your spotStay thinking about a white oneThinking about a bright sunThat I changed straight from the dark shitNo take when I'm playing with the black gun niggaYou ain't never been a god since the last runNo stats in the place that's youA lot of niggas tell me that I never really oweTrack track to the place back back niggaTell me that I'm like a nigga but my flow sickerCalling, callingCalling, I'm callingCalling, callingCalling, shit, yeahDressed like a motherfucking god when I reach the spot (Shit!)Niggas always tell me that I made it from the empty slot (Shit!)Change ways niggas no truth no plotFuck a white brand no top no spotChase all day till the darts in the backBut my niggas fuck bitches in the back of the cabClaim riches but a nigga been whackNever talk boy with your fake ass stackCash cash talking about cash cash niggaWhen I throw that shade catch catch niggaLast time when I talked to a manWell shit run quick slash slash for the neck niggaKnow I gotta make it out the cold for the best showPlease don't try never show my packBitch don't cry just move that techThat's trash thought I'd never really say thisCaught my music on my ex bitch playlistBitches say 613 that's the greatestBut I never see no niggas ever famousFacts, boy black boy trash boy trash boyTen fake Bape hoodies face ass boyKnow I tell these niggas that I never do shitBut my thoughts never sickSo I'm never not slick nigga niggaWatch me leave this place you stayThink about the fault you madeChange the fucking shit you sayI may be back another day
Joako Ariza
La mejor película de box por lejos
dchar ino tv
اسم الفلم ؟
Руслан Свист
Боец это жизнь
GaMeR - Dz
This song with creed 😍😍
Zeptura - Bryan D.
Me too bro My fav movie
Shweta Chatterjee
I have been binge watching in again after a hiatus for past couple of weeks. Jake fuckin you're the beast!