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Alita: Battle Angel - Original Full Soundtrack

Dodano: 2019-03-16

Wyświetleń: 62540

Czas trwania: 01:10:18

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Opis materiału Alita: Battle Angel - Original Full Soundtrack

                  Alita: Battle Angel - Original Full Soundtrack

Music By Tom Holkenborg

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Everything belongs to the authors, co-authors and copyright holders.

0:00 Discovery 
03:13 I Don't Even Know My Own Name
08:58 What’s Your Dream?
12:14 Double Identity
14:09 The Warrior Within 
17:40 A Dark Past 
19:10 In Time You’ll Remember
20:09 Nova’s Orders
22:57 Jackers Mission
25:34 Unlocking The Past
29:26 Whose Body Is This?
31:32 Grewishka’s Revenge
35:56 Broken Doll
38:31 With Me 
44:13 I’d Give You My Heart
47:20 You Just Lost A Puppet 
49:51 What Did You Do?
53:32 In The Clouds
57:29 Raising The Sword
59:13 I See Church (Bonus Track)
1:05:02 Motorball                


the real love between You and i
I listen to this while I draw.
I loved this movie a lot, I read the manga as a kid.I want a sequel. I need a sequel. I demand a sequel.
Michael Carnevale
I love this movie. I just got the blu-ray and I'm going to watch it 3 times this week.
Marckenley Mercie
Top 5 scores for me are1. Interstellar2.Inception3.Lord of the Rings4.The Theory of Everything5. Alita : Battle Angel
Robert Young
2 more days until the digital release!
Zack Fair
Best movie I watched in a long time; thanks for this!
The Wanderer
Motorball is hype as fuck
leo mcglone
5. Star Wars 4. Transformers 3. Alita Battle Angel2. Man of steel1. Lord of the rings My top five music scores of all time.
Silent Swordsman
This movie was fucking good man.
Lauri Erlamo
I love "I Don't Even Know My Own Name". It makes tears to my eyes every time I hear it. The moment when sweet Alita wakes up first time is one of my favourite parts of the movie and this piece of music fits it perfectly. The moment is so beautiful and vulnerable. I have listened some film music and feel this is one of the most beautiful. I like also "With Me" and the music when Alita had awaked in her second body and showed it's capabilities to Doc Ido and his assistant. These two are definitely my favourite ones.