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Portishead - Roads

Dodano: 2012-05-27

Wyświetleń: 656074

Czas trwania: 05:04

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Opis materiału Portishead - Roads


Rupert Graves as the son of Jeremy Irons

Juliette Binoche:"Remember,damage people are dangerous,they know they can survive."

«Τι γαρ ωφελήσει άνθρωπον εάν κερδήση τον κόσμον όλον,
και ζημιωθή την ψυχήν αυτού;»

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Rosalind Williams
The woman didn't care at all.
Alejandra Mora
Vinoth Vinoth
Broken my heart
cat lady53
Advait Parnaik
every time I look for this song on youtube see it I just feel as though this would be the most apt video for the song. So dark and haunting!!
Shinjini Mitra
That guilt on Jeremy's face! Takes a lot of courage to look into the eyes of the son and make an instant unforgivable apology; hence explaining, 'how can it feel this wrong? From this moment.."
Derek McAdam
What is wrong with him? I mean he is his son and she is his son's fiance btw can't only blame him I mean her fault too
M Nacirie
Wow ...irons is really great actor !
Sasha Kubek
is the male actor in this the guy who played Humbert Humbert in the remake of LOLITA? I'm almost positive it's the same actor. "light of my life, fire of my loins..."
Sumaia Farhatbekova
Bazar jook