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Madonna - True Blue [Full Album]

Dodano: 2013-04-02

Wyświetleń: 283544

Czas trwania: 39:49

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Opis materiału Madonna - True Blue [Full Album]

                  01. Papa Don't Preach 0:00
02. Open Your Heart 4:25
03. White Heat 8:34
04. Live to Tell 13:06
05. Where's the Party 18:53
06. True Blue 23:13
07. La Isla Bonita 27:27
08. Jimmy Jimmy 31:25
09. Love Makes the World Go Round 35:17                


Why don't she make catchy melodies like this anymore? She could have made good 2019-songs with good melodies, but she doesn't anymore.
Madonna became in a pop star in Argentina with this Album
八B A C K T
Jennifer Napoli
This album still sounds great❤️Madonna’s music is Timeless🎼😊
Fer Mendez
La mejor hasta ahora su musixa no pasa de moda.
Shiko Mendes
minha cantora predileta e sempre sera
the gaze
just re-discovered this LP in my dads collection... how can i feel nostalgia if i havent even been alive in the 80s?
Alejandro Sabelli
Sin dudas el mejor álbum de la Reina del Pop!
Where's the party? Right here on youtube
Mayela Hernandez
Genial simplemente genial álbum , saludos