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Barebones Bodybuilding: Legs with Roman "Rex" Fritz

Dodano: 2015-01-06

Wyświetleń: 46470

Czas trwania: 11:18

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Opis materiału Barebones Bodybuilding: Legs with Roman "Rex" Fritz

                  What is "Barebones Bodybuilding"? It's "limited" bodybuilding. Maybe you're traveling. Maybe your gym isn't as fully equipped as you like. Whatever the reason, there's no excuse not to train – not to get something from next to nothing. If you've got the will, Animal is here to show you the way.

In this, the second installment, we focus on IFBB Pro Roman "Rex" Fritz who recalls his roots lifting in a basic boarding school gym. Rex devises a brutally simple leg session using only a barbell loaded with 225 lbs. Digging deep, Roman pushes through a gut-busting workout consisting of ten sets each of both squats and walking lunges. When the fancy equipment is unavailable and the bullshit excuses are cast aside, all that is left is effort. And desire. 

Also check out the first installment of "Barebones Bodybuilding" featuring Frank "Wrath" McGrath training shoulders with just dumbbells: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ccie9brhtRg

Also check out a related vid for how to get your meals in when traveling: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PwUlHGSzJdo

Filmed nearby at Diesel Gym, North Brunswick, New Jersey.                


Esh Mohan
Great athlete with a great mindset
മനു ഗോവിന്ദ്
is he anyway related to ronney rockel?
Matthew Tomlin
I did the exact same thing on squat except only made it to the 5th set Bc I nearly had to dive into the rack w/ 225 MY max is 375 and at 200lbs and I'm only 16 this vid is pretty cool
What is the music used for this? I'd love something like it for my more regimented workouts
Свилен Стоянов
Just completed it, intense as fuck...Although it was so hard, it felt kinda incomplete,so I added supersets of leg extensions and leg curls after that though /4/, finished with the leg press /again 4, last one was a drop set/ and did some calves. But hey, that's just me,so everyone's different. Total of 90 minutes /without the warm-up/. Could barely walk, only thing I wanted was food, although I had a big meal before the workout. It drained everything from me. Thanks Roman, you're always giving great advices and I admire your training style, keep it up, brother!
Pete Nieblas
What kind of Shoes? I know there Adidas. But are they Boxing?
Conley Watts
Looks brutal to say the least, excited to do this. Can you tell me what instrumental you guys use in the background of the video?
Maac N Cheese
By 20 reps for lunges, do you mean 10 steps each leg?
How do you avoid lower back injury when squatting?
More bare bones bodybuilding pls