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Nico De Andrea - Kids Of Africa

Dodano: 2016-03-07

Wyświetleń: 25715

Czas trwania: 04:06

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Opis materiału Nico De Andrea - Kids Of Africa

                  Protocol presents Miami 2016 mixed by Florian Picasso & Blinders
Grab your copy here: http://prot.cl/Miami2016

Mixed and compiled by rising Protocol prodigies Florian Picasso & Blinders, Protocol proudly presents their Miami 2016 compilation. The hour-long episode showcases Protocol’s impressive repertoire of artists, featuring familiar hits such as Volt & State’s “Sandcastles” and exclusive releases from Deniz Koyu, Arno Cost, Corey James, Tom Tyger, Sam Void and many more. Of course Nicky Romero's tunes - "Harmony" (w/ Stadiumx) and brand new "Future Funk" (w/ Nile Rodgers) are also featured on this compilation. This exhilarating hour of some of the hottest house music around takes the listener through 20 tracks, 4 upcoming releases and 13 exclusive plays. The compilers themselves are debuting two new tracks, “You Don’t Know” from Blinders and “Final Call” by Florian Picasso. You’ll want to listen to this one the entire way through to get fully prepared for the best week of music in the States!

Catalogue number: PR005CD



Si toi aussi t’as entendu Solveig et Kungs ce matin et que tu as atterri ici ... thumbs up!
Genís Vega
Aleksandar Stanisic
El Callings
AMaZING SONg!! canciOn IncrEiblE
Yasith Gallage
damn perfect vibesAnybody knows any Similar songs
Dragan Marjanovic
just wow
tHİS iS ePİC !
Conor O Dea
Loving the build-up, but I think that this track loses a lot of emotion once the drop hits. It could have been better.
groove babeeeh