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Nickelback - What Are You Waiting For? (Lyric Video)

Dodano: 2014-09-26

Wyświetleń: 34906650

Czas trwania: 03:43

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Opis materiału Nickelback - What Are You Waiting For? (Lyric Video)

                  Download this song http://smarturl.it/NickelbackWaitngDA

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Immortal phoenix
When you know what I'm waiting for ...why do you ask
Kylie Grice
I love Nickelback he is such an amazing singer and I love listening to his music because growing up my dad listened to his music and ever since I loved his music and his I mean Nickelback!
Ustrada M
Super 💪💪💪👍
hey more song lyrics should be like this, its amazing just like the song
Don Matthews
My dad loves this song. He died April 10th 1019:((Pls like if someone's died in your family pls)
holden frattin
Nickelback: What are you waiting for?Me: For you to realese this song!Nickelback: How dumb are you? Its out!Me: ...
Anisio Marcelino dos Santos
Yes my sound
Tiên Võ
Who’s coming back in 2019 to listen to this beautiful song?!
2019? What you waiting for?
Hubert Turowski
2 0 1 9