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Tracy Chapman - Fast car (Jonas Blue Ft Dakota remix)

Dodano: 2015-12-21

Wyświetleń: 22389718

Czas trwania: 03:36

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Opis materiału Tracy Chapman - Fast car (Jonas Blue Ft Dakota remix)

                  Tracy Chapman - Fast car (Jonas Blue Ft Dakota remix)
Summer is Here!

I do not take any credit for this video or the content within - (Full credit to the artists Jonas Blue Ft Dakota)                


Craig Rowe
Amazing! How does anyone not like this?!
Taz B.
where are my 2019 peeps at? Gimme DAT LIKE BABY!!!!
🙏 still praying for a flight OUTTA here
Mazvaikis Online
2019-11-28 :)
Mira W
Summer song while driving
lock heart
I love both versions of the song. I feel like this version is more optomistic and represents new beginnings as oppossed to the original. I feel as if the original makes me feel more nostalgic and makes me realize my life choices for me to learn from. The original makes me realize how far I've come and this version let's me know there's much more in store for me in the future.
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Benjamin Haniah
This song makes me think of speeding in Arizona in a Cadillac with 2 of my close friends going 160 mph drag racing having a good ass time
Carl Guyton
Drove 13+ hours in my ZL1 to Texas 2k19 mostly listening to this song. When I first got there and saw a group of fast cars rolling together. AHHH that feeling
Jusinda Rosenkerr
My sister and I used to dream of a better life together listening to this song and she passed from a drug overdose, so when I listen to this now it hurts my heart. Love you sis. Rest Easy