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Little Mix - Towers (Lyrics + Parts on Screen)

Dodano: 2013-11-10

Wyświetleń: 2761658

Czas trwania: 03:55

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Opis materiału Little Mix - Towers (Lyrics + Parts on Screen)

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Little Mix - Towers
Little Mix - Towers lyrics
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Salute lyrics
Towers lyrics
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Jesy Nelson
Jade Thirlwell
Perrie Edwards
Leigh-Anne Pinnock                


Melissa Mussida
i wanna cry
vain 788
You cannot replace the scars that you've made. The only thing that you feel sad is that I did not die. Because if I died you were happy. . . Same go's for the blonde one. . . I said I did not wanted to fight. But you have proven yourself that you are a backstabber.
Katicia Bilberry
I cried so much because I replayed it over and over
Ulysse Lemonier
Perrie and jesy deserve a solo carrier each. they will kill everything. Wait ! What ? melanie C and zayn flopped ???? finally, girls, stay together !!
AsMAa As’
Jesy’s high note 🤤❤️
3:23 was that made harmonizing with Perrie?
Who is still loves this song 💓💓😭💓💓
Rachel Bourassa
Alyssa lyric
I sang this to my recent ex boyfriend because he only wanted me for sex, and I realized that he never helped me when I cried, when I was angry so... he actually cried in front of me and told me not to tell anyone, well shout out to my ex for breaking my heart and being a dick he'll never bring me down again!
Kylie LeCloux
This feels kinda like a 9/11 joke ngl