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John Legend - You and I Lyrics

Dodano: 2014-07-12

Wyświetleń: 7166039

Czas trwania: 04:12

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Susan Sila
this is song is incredible in different levels 🙌❤️
Heitch Lost
Lourdes Grace Unabia
Wish someone would sing this for me
2019 anyone? I love this song so much~
Choi Soobin brought me here😍And i am Indonesian , i can speak englishHalo semua bagaimana kabar kalian😊
David Dany
Out of all the girl Or out of all of the girl?
Nadine Dazana
Liv Playzzz
(shares yt acc with friend)Im dedicating this to the friend i share this acc with.You're beautiful and worth it. i love you so much. nothing can change my feelings for u.... I miss you so much and im so happy i get to see you next week.I'll never forget u, and i'll always love you. Out of you and brooke and izzy, you're the best.I feel like we were meant to be together. like we were meant to meet each other.It has been such a wonder full journey, our friendship. we might've had faults but we're still strong, we're still friends. best friends.Youre the best friend everyone wants. i love u so much. <3
Carlo Perino
Here, my choreo on "You & I" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4MiZAKZcJ1g I hope you like it!
amani heyliger
John legend is a hero