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American Truck Simulator Oregon Release Celebration featuring Jessica Lynn

Dodano: 2018-10-04

Wyświetleń: 87177

Czas trwania: 03:36

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Opis materiału American Truck Simulator Oregon Release Celebration featuring Jessica Lynn

                  We are celebrating the release of the latest DLC for American Truck Simulator - the Oregon map expansion. Follow four friends on their daily jobs as they drive their big rigs through Oregon and meet up to celebrate the special day together.

Song credit: After Party by Jessica Lynn https://jessicalynnmusic.org/track/1314517/after-party



Arcade Dude
Oh my goodness what an incredible trailer and amazing music to go along with it <3 Awesome!!!
Gooood gob scs 👏
0:05 Where is driver's head XD Nice DLC :o
LJ 7006
2:50 ATS Multiplayer Beta?
Hi SCS I am the great fan of american truck similator please provide the truck racing option in main menu.
Mr. Video Guy
Wait how did all these four trucks get together before video ends how is that possible because they were driving with ai traffic and not multiplayer. How?🤔
Julius Sneed
full map mods none shows eastcoast at all unbelievable they don't full map is more then west coast only but they continue pushing NO EAST COAST AT ALL NO MID COAST AT ALL
technical Arslan sajeel
i request scs company please make the ets2 game launch on andriod on play store
dark Gam3r
i wish a replay function for making cool movies after driving
SCS should consider approaching trucking companies who have a strong relationship with truck manufacturers for some support in adding new truck models. Simulation games like this can inspire up and coming truck drivers and that’s something I’m sure the industry depends on.