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Krosses - On Your Own (Official Music Video)

Dodano: 2019-02-14

Wyświetleń: 122184

Czas trwania: 03:06

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Opis materiału Krosses - On Your Own (Official Music Video)

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The official video for "On Your Own" by Krosses. Taken from our Generation HEX 009 EP.

"I’m proud to present the 9th installment of my Generation HEX EP series which features fresh talent from all over the globe. These dance floor weapons are an addition to any DJ set and I hope you will enjoy listening them as much as I do playing them." - Don Diablo

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Krosses - On Your Own (Official Video)
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ARE you guys FEELING this SONG by KROSSES? 😎❤️
Miguel Angel Barco Lopez
Pedro Morales
😍 😍 😍 hex, 😍😍😍
Kim Jong-un
Love from India..#HEXAGON😍
Windows Green.
komo olvidar cuando windygirk hizo un video musical para hexagon records :v
Thumli Koben
Better than Don Diablo
Omar Khallouki
76هعزظغففلل9 ?
Hello Hexagon
This song fits perfectly with the visuals. No KROSSES on this one! Very nice track. Loved the juicy wobble chords.
Paul's Blog
I really enjoy the video. 😂😁😊