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Lady Gaga - Alejandro + [ Lyrics on Screen ] - HQ/HD

Dodano: 2010-06-29

Wyświetleń: 40040676

Czas trwania: 04:40

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Opis materiału Lady Gaga - Alejandro + [ Lyrics on Screen ] - HQ/HD

                  Lady Gaga - Alejandro [ Lyrics on Screen ] - HQ/HD
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im calling alejandro and i hate this song
Jacob Destin
Lucia ute sie fea
Jacob Destin
Alejadro wwww
Jacob Destin
Jacob Destin
Parece de lo años sesenta😄😄😄😂
Dina Walker
Alejandro is one of my favorite names.
Raquel Ribeiro
Someone 2019? Brazil
My friends and I were playing Roblox for fun during our Culinary and we met a dude named Alejandro who said he wanted to clap my friends cheeks. Later we found a game on Roblox called "Alejandros Grave" and it was a gravesite with one tombstone that had "Alejandro" on it. It was a true heartbreak. For the rest of the time we had that class, we played this while cooking.
Alexis Medrano
My boyfriend’s name is Alejandro 😆
Natalia Peymer
Alejandro was sent to the friend zone