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Filatov & Karas – Tell It To My Heart

Dodano: 2016-06-24

Wyświetleń: 47004237

Czas trwania: 03:11

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Opis materiału Filatov & Karas – Tell It To My Heart

                  Filatov & Karas – Tell It To My Heart (Official Video) 

Single “Tell It To My Heart” available: https://MagicRecords.lnk.to/dmx7YYD
Listen to the official Filatov & Karas playlist: https://spoti.fi/2vlko5j

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Filatov & Karas are Russian based songwriters/producers EDM duo .Their paths crossed in 2012 but they both already had 10 years long experience in music industry at the time. Dmitry Filatov was a host of weekly radio show DINAMIKA on the biggest federal dance radio station in Russia, DFM, and also a small Moscow station, Megapolis FM. He released two albums in Russia, "Утром я солнце" (English title "Sunlight") and "Filatov & Soloviev - Sound Fiction". They both did well on Beatport. Filatov received an RDMA award for the best dance track in Russia in 2007. He was performing with such club music legends as Faithless, Bob Sinclair, Tomkraft, Armin van Buuren, Funkagenda, among others. Alex Osokin aka Karas, started making music long time ago, under the names as Karas, Man-Ro, Te5la, Raduga, and few more. He’s the owner of record label Adapter Records and also has a radio show on Russian DFM station called Aquarium. What brought them thebiggest success was a remix of “Don’t Be So Shy” by French singer Imany. Released as a single, the remix became huge smash in Poland – it was certified diamond. The song was number 1 hit not only in Poland but also in Germanany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Russia, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, Georgia and more. For the summer of 2016 Filatov & Karas prepared special gift to the fans of electronic mixture of house and dance - new version of well-known track "Tell It To My Heart". Seems like we already have the hymn of beautiful, warm, sunny days! "Tell It To My Heart" will stay with each of you for this whole summer plus more summers to come. And surely is destined to become a huge hit. Be prepared!                


Edward Marshall
the first song was made 31 years ago and its 20 times better whats going on 31 years later and you cant made a song better only worst? theres something wrong here. :S
Spiritt Chaser
He/she is a trans female isn't it?
Marcyś Ka
1:51 ej rusz dupe
ЛенаСемейныйВлог Немного обо всем
Super !
ツ xXNaomiXx ツ
This song is so underrated ;-;
Jolanda Lika
Wonderful Song 🤞👍👍👏👏👏👏
Víctor Alemán
Taylor Dayne original singer much better
Маленький Единорог
А солистка Алида - ваще огонь девушка, голос офигенный!!!
Tu też dużo polskich komentarzy, w tym kraju chyba każdy gówniany dancingowy cover staje się przebojem. A szajs nadający się tylko do wiejskiej dyskoteki, ruskie Komodo...