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WASP++WASP++Full Album

Dodano: 2013-01-30

Wyświetleń: 913466

Czas trwania: 49:07

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Opis materiału WASP++WASP++Full Album

                  WASP + WASP + Full Album +                


Love this band since high school in the early to mid eighties I would've done anything to see them live in concert.
Chris Maloney
Blackie is my dude
Vlad Vampirelord
My cassette just unwound. Now I have a digital copy.
Justin Sloan
saw them open for KISS on the Animalize Tour in Sunrise Musical Theater Florida in 1984 Krokus was supposed to open but WASP did on the Electric Circus Tour with Johnny Rod (bass) Steve Riely (drums) and Chris Holmes (lead Guitar)
Animation Engineer
Fuck Like A Beast : Good tune to pump up before huntin' Xenomorphs!
Steel Fury
One of Mum'z most favorite bands along with Dokken, Metallica, Testament, Nirvana, Alice In Chains...
Honey Badger 11 Bravo
Why is it a advertisement that I am not interested in sneaks in right after each WASP song ends. Fuckin’ irritating!
David Flores
Played this album everyday when I was a teenager. Saw them in the early 80s at the Long Beach arena they opened up for Krokus
Fauzi River
Rock 🌟
4JayeP Borden
WASP will always be Blackie, Chris, Randy and Tony Richards.   I know Tony was with the band for only one record before Blackie fired him, but he did bring quite a bit of attitude to the band and visually he really complete the whole WASP image.  Sorry, Steve Riley (a friend of mine) didn't bring the attitude that Tony had.