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Costi - Agua De Coco ft. Randy Class

Dodano: 2019-04-17

Wyświetleń: 408204

Czas trwania: 03:26

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Opis materiału Costi - Agua De Coco ft. Randy Class

                  Spotify Playlist: https://spoti.fi/2MzXhPy

COSTI - Grammy Nominated Producer
Billboard Hot💯🇺🇸🇷🇴 producer, songwriter, top-liner, compozitor & artist.  FORTZAAAA 🔝🎶

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Costi (The Music Producer) - the first Romanian producer with a Grammy Nomination (Grammy Awards 2012)

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Mohsen Salehi
This language is soooo beautiful and sexy!!!!
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Romica Homea
مهاب الشامي
Rosamna Peña Montero
Es la canción más bonita del mundo el video es precioso saludos desde Alemania
Dorina Stirbu
Daniella Rose
Agua de caca
Cristina Schier
Costi tot creativ ai ramas , bravo ☺weiter so ;)
Paul Blondu
Cine e roman si ii place Costi like!🥰🍀
Anhiië Icönic
Me gustó!Bravo Señor Costi ❤🎶👏