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Shirley Bassey -. Where Do I Begin Love Story

Dodano: 2014-01-24

Wyświetleń: 388694

Czas trwania: 03:19

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Opis materiału Shirley Bassey -. Where Do I Begin Love Story

                  bu yorumun üzerine yazmam=)                


Arthur Ross
Where do I beginTo tell the story of how great a love can beThe sweet love story that is older than the seaThe simple truth about the love she brings to meWhere do I startWith her first helloShe gave new meaning to this empty world of mineThere'd never be another love, another timeShe came into my life and made the living fineShe fills my heartShe fills my heart with very special thingsWith angels' songs, with wild imaginingsShe fills my soul with so much loveThat anywhere I go I'm never lonelyWith her around, who could be lonelyI reach for her hand, it's always thereHow long does it lastCan love be measured by the hours in a dayI have no…
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