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WOODKID - I Love You (Quintet Version)

Dodano: 2013-09-27

Wyświetleń: 7486125

Czas trwania: 04:38

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Opis materiału WOODKID - I Love You (Quintet Version)

                  Get Woodkid's album THE GOLDEN AGE

Get Woodkid's album THE GOLDEN AGE

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Video Directed by Mathieu Cesar
Executive Production: Iconoclast
(P) & (C) 2013 Green United Music

Piano: Aron Ottignon
Violins: Fiona Monbet, Léa Vandenhelsken
Viola: Maxence Grimbert-Barré
Cello: Jérémie Billet
Double bass: Simon Guidicelli



Alison Roberts
This is gonna be me to my quintet coming week: “So you know how we’re finishing working on Shostakovich this week? Well...wanna try something different just for a week or two? Let’s play some Woodkid!! Let’s go find someone who wants to sing. This isn’t productive when we’ve got performances coming up? We’ll be working on playing by ear so it’ll develop us as players as well as YOU GUYS NEED TO LISTEN TO WOODKID” - wish me luck!
Debra Price
Just beautiful. I love you.
where is the russian intro for i came here to? love this song
GratefulSFOaKFoXy 11LoVe77GirL11
Did he really dedicate this song was for me?
Cate cate
Rock Lover
I Just want a girlfriend ;-;
Official Anthem of “Friend Zone”
Oh boy your eyes betray what burns inside you
Gala Verbivska
Мария Световостокова
Очень красиво, очень искренне. Пойду читать перевод))