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3D Modeling Tutorial #51 - The Power of Symmetry

Dodano: 2014-06-06

Wyświetleń: 7190

Czas trwania: 19:19

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Opis materiału 3D Modeling Tutorial #51 - The Power of Symmetry

                  3D Modeling Tutorial #51 - The Power of Symmetry

In this video I'll give you a comprehensive look at the Symmetry Modifier and how you can use it as a powerful design tool to quickly and easily create variations on a theme. 

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Thank you so much Arrimus3D...
Can Weng
Darko Dobrić
Stay calm and watch arrimus
Done! so mutch pretty stuff
You are the master of 3ds max modeling.
Neil Moore
This is amazing. Thanks! Gonna be using this technique in the project I'm working on.
Thank You very much. I have a question. I have a fuselage of an aircraft and there is something happening with my Symmetry modifier. When I apply it, the gizmo (I mean that orange rectangle with arrows in Mirror sub-section of Symmetry) is skewed and it´s messing my other half of the fuselage. Would You be so king and help me with this? Can´t find anything to correct it. Thank You.
Jez I AM
Fantastic explanation and demonstration of the fun to be had using the Symmetry modifier - switching, as you say from thinking about tools, to being in creative mode.I always look forward to your training videos (I have watched them all) - you have a great talent for explaining and teaching.