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Joe Satriani - Time Machine

Dodano: 2009-08-26

Wyświetleń: 365828

Czas trwania: 05:07

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Opis materiału Joe Satriani - Time Machine

                  TIme machine by joe satriani 1993. I don't own any copyrights on this music.                


Pumping Aluminum
Listening to the time machine on a cold night of Dec 2019 😁
Logab 13
Juste ma favorite 👍 un chef-d’œuvre
Pumping Aluminum
Time machine's still working well @ 2019 🤪
Pankaj Waghela
There are many guitarist in the world, shredders and technically more advanced but they are far beyond than Satriaini's composition skills, he creates music other shows skills
David Roig
❤️Out of time❤️
Maxime Chabot
a Part of my youth...Amazing! tHx
Jack Vai
so awesome...joe is so grand in his thematic imaginings
Discrimination is not a right.
Insert TARDIS sound here: 0:21
Dat fuckin intro drum roll..
I’ve always thought the ‘verses’ are about the possibility of time travel, the yearning to go back.And the ‘chorus’ is about coming to the realisation that it’s impossible, finding the strength to move forward.Then the coda.Perhaps it is possible....Time Machine.