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"Let's Twist Again" "Chubby Checkers" "Drum Cover" "Roland TD-20 Drums" "TD-30 Module"

Dodano: 2018-11-03

Wyświetleń: 2634

Czas trwania: 02:20

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Opis materiału "Let's Twist Again" "Chubby Checkers" "Drum Cover" "Roland TD-20 Drums" "TD-30 Module"

                  I remember an afternoon many years ago, being in the kitchen with my mother, and this song started playing on the radio. I don't recall who began dancing first or making the funny faces first but I remember us dancing together and smiling and laughing as we did ...    Music (minus drums) is from Karaoke-Version.com                


Skiro XD
I'm play the drums about 5 years and I only can say wow
Don't forget that Less is More.
Lindsay Brown Drums
👍👍👍👍can’t beat a bit of Chubby Checker👌awesome playing man👍Short for time right now but I will be back to hear some more for sure👍
Rafa Correia
Great cover Ed, your technique is awesome, very impressive fills🥁👏👏👏👏👏👍...hugs from Brazil
Alfons De Munter
VERY very good job Ed Molloy ! You've got a new supporter !! I just subscribed to your channel. Grt. from Flanders/Belgium ….. Fons.
Mark Burgrave
Wow Ed, you nailed this one. Excellent work and awesome fills !!!! This is my mom's favorite song. Thanks for sharing my friend. Very cool video !!!!!
Heck yes man. This was fantastic. So amazing. Your drumming is so dang good.
Thomas Nommensen - Drum & Mix
Perfect, Mr. Molloy. One of your best performances, i have heard so far. The interplay is marvelous! Well, you know i have also a little story for this: When i was a teenager the first band i did an audition was a Rock'n Roll combo. Two guys with Elvis look and a girl with pettycoats. I looked like a hippie at the time. We practiced this song and afterwards they said, great drummed but if I want to join them, then the hair must be off. Otherwise they would have to put a wall on the stage in front of the drums :-). Well, i run away ...
Rob Nienhuis
Great drumming Ed, love this song of Chubby . Brilliantly played my friend 👍😎🤜🍺
Paul Des
great cover Ed ! good job !!