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Max Richter - On Reflection . . .

Dodano: 2016-12-12

Wyświetleń: 3128596

Czas trwania: 07:16

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Opis materiału Max Richter - On Reflection . . .

                  music content were taken with all the respect, 
from album: Black Mirror: Nosedive 

I do NOT own the copyright for the music that I upload and will remove it immediately upon request from copyright holder or band.

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poem by Nikolas Telson

The Spider’s Net

I am writing a poem, 
like the spider makes its net.
The story of a spider in agony, 
day by day and hour by hour.

The net of a spider, 
is a trap to the spider itself. 
The spider will die, 
in the same way its victims died. 
In roars that people will never be able to hear. 

A story always has a past and a future. 
And the spider eventually reawakens as its victim.

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david beazussi
Essa musicae faz lembrar daquele filme,"A Chegada"(Arrive)
les tortue
It's magnificent. Max Richter's musics make me cry.
Akhil garg
Really lovely. Please check my latest video of To a wild rose by Edward MacDowell.https://youtu.be/gP2H7kfZNQ8
Burial - forgive
Marcelo Pereira
Thank you!
First time i read the poem i did not understand even think that is not poem. Second, third time same story. After I feel agony on writing stories, memories, poems I got the poem even though you may didn't mean what I understand. But writing is a net like spiders net we may fall on them.
Elaine nicholson
❤️ life is beautifully painful
I don’t know who you are mister but please write more, think we all need it, so much is grey right now.Thank you.⭐️
Luiz Paulo Silva
Gil Figueroa