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Max Richter - On Reflection . . .

Dodano: 2016-12-12

Wyświetleń: 3470613

Czas trwania: 07:16

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Opis materiału Max Richter - On Reflection . . .

                  music content were taken with all the respect, 
from album: Black Mirror: Nosedive 

I do NOT own the copyright for the music that I upload and will remove it immediately upon request from copyright holder or band.

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poem by Nikolas Telson

The Spider’s Net

I am writing a poem, 
like the spider makes its net.
The story of a spider in agony, 
day by day and hour by hour.

The net of a spider, 
is a trap to the spider itself. 
The spider will die, 
in the same way its victims died. 
In roars that people will never be able to hear. 

A story always has a past and a future. 
And the spider eventually reawakens as its victim.

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Steven. R. Slayer
I had a family once. You'd never of known it if you seen me. My wife left us. She was Bi polar. My son left me. Blamed me for his Momma leaving. That was 15 years ago. Sad. I think about it now. I still try to bring us together. The 3 of us. I . None of us talk. And only . Not even 5 minutes we live away from each other. And never communicate with one another...." I use to have a family" ..... once.......
"You can only avoid regret by switching off your imagination."
yassine louhmane
Black Mirror!!!! <3
Alkeo Gjiza
All i want it’s to live in this moment forever... 🥺
m tubers
Music like God.
Laurent solin
Les artistes ne sont pas seulement sur terre.
Mike Lera
Black Mirror: Nosedive brought me here
Luke Buchanan
The only objective meaning of human life is death. Sure, we all have the urge to eat, to have sex with each other. But it means nothing, if you try hard enough; you can resist those urges. If you don’t eat, you die. When you have children, someday they will die. If you don’t have children, you will still die. It’s a butterfly effect. People ask me why I still get up in the morning, go to work, eat to survive. I want to give them some clever answer to that, but frankly, it’s my programming. 😭😭😭😭
Ulf Utstrand
Skal vi ta den en gang til.......