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【Cereza】Candle Queen【English Cover】(w/PV)

Dodano: 2018-01-29

Wyświetleń: 571267

Czas trwania: 02:27

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Opis materiału 【Cereza】Candle Queen【English Cover】(w/PV)

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Good Evening my beloved lost souls! Finally, a new Cover and the first one to start this new Year! I've always loved the Song created by GHOST but sadly I couldn't cover one up until now because it never was fitting enough for my Range! 

But that is different with “Candle Queen” ! I just feel straight in love with this Song and I love the Melody alone ! So of course, I hope you will enjoy this little Cover as well! Beware: My German Accent may be very strong in this Cover haha 8) 

And biiiig thanks to Minty for helping me with the Sketches for these amazing Artworks, for Raven for working again on this Animation for me and for Lea and Nonon for this amazing Mix! Please go and check all of them out! 


Composition & Lyrics: Silver Chord Music [@silverchordmus]
Instrumentation, PV, VSQx, Mixing: GHOST [@GHOST_AND_PALS]
Illustration: Minty [@AzeniaAi] & Cereza [@CerezaCher]
Vocals: Cereza [@CerezaCher]
Video: Raven [@SkepticalRaven]
Lea Ansella:  https://goo.gl/nCaHjX
Nonon / ✧乃音: https://goo.gl/T2g8Dp



F.A.Q First of all, thank you for almost 400K Views! I never expected so many People to see it! That's why I will pin this Comment now, since I get a lot of very similar Comments under this Cover and I can't answer each and every one of it! "Why is this an English Cover? The Original is already English?" - Because that's the Layout of my Covers. And even if the Original is english, the Cover still stays english ;3 So I won't change it and you don't need to tell me again and again! "The Artwork is copied!! Shame on you!!" - GHOST as well as Silver Chord Music saw this Video. The Sketches were made by my Friend AzeniaAi on Twitter and we intentionally did go for very similar Artworks because we wanted to give the Video the same Style as the Original one. Nothing was copied though." "Can I use this Cover for a AMV/Edit any other kind of Video?" - Yes you can! Just give Credit to my Cover and everyone who worked on this and link back to my channel! You can even send me the finished work, I'm always happy to see something like it!" "Is your Accent a german one?" - Yes, yes it is. To conclude: Thank you so much for all the Support! I hope you will continue to enjoy my Covers and don't repeat the same comment over and over! :D
Gayaraa Ukwaththa
When you say “like using people as ladder rungs and sweeping eggshells under the bed”. The vocaloid version just says it like they’re stating facts but you say it with a tinge of disgust and that adds a lot!
Baka Bobby
I love your voice!!! It makes this song so much better than it already is and I thought that was impossible
Lapis Lazuli_plays
Ooh nice voice :)
Dr. Romani Archaman
I feel like this song could be about Queen Mary of England.
Julien Swayne
Ever since she was a child dhe knew how to get her way with a little bit wild, and somebody will surely come to play. It's that truth she took to heart, humility and patience didn't come with age, she's sure to play to play this part, a diva's always center stage.
Mårīâ Ėłēnã
Finalllllllly it doesn’t have that voice I love your voice it doesn’t sound like an anime character with nightcore on it love your voice!
Getting real tired of your shit
Fantastic cover! Love your accent
Hello. I heard your song for the first time. You have a very beautiful and clear voice. This is translated using Google Translate. I think there are some strange points, but please take a look with gentle eyes.
Milagros Poblete
Esta mejor que el original