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G-Eazy - Far Alone ft. Jay Ant (Official Music Video)

Dodano: 2013-11-20

Wyświetleń: 50829296

Czas trwania: 03:29

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Opis materiału G-Eazy - Far Alone ft. Jay Ant (Official Music Video)

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G-Eazy - "Far Alone" ft. Jay Ant
Produced by Jay Ant
Additional Production by G-Eazy and Christoph Andersson

Director / Associate Producer
Daryn DeLuco

Director of Photography
Bobby Bruderle

Executive Producer
Matt Bauerschmidt

Producer / UPM
Abby Vo

Travis Sittard
Daryn DeLuco 

Alex Bickel

Production Co
Deltree - TheDeltree.com
The Revels Group - TheRevelsGroup.com

Special Thanks to:
Top Dog, Rasputin Music, Gordo's Burritos, Martin Coyle & Family, Suzanne Olmstead, The California Theater in Berkeley, Nadiyah Lewis-De Paula Lima, Marcus Grimes, Devon Baldwin.

Shot on RED Epic

1st Assistant Director - Nick King 
Camera Operator - Dillon Schneider 
1st AC - Jon Chema 
Gaffer - Matt Stouppe 
Key Grip - Joe Heath
BB Electric - Zander Kroon 
Electric - Josh Pausanos 
Electric - Alyssa Moran 
BB Grip - David Lanes
Grip - Darren Rae 
Grip - Steve Forbes 
Grip - Jeff Carroll
Grip - Jake Lyons
Data Tech - Ben Wolin 
Jib Operator - Russell Smith 
Location Manager - Erica Canales
Art Direction - Gabe Garcia & Earl Martin
Key PA - Kevin Henry 
PA - Clifford Parks 
PA - Bryan Luna
PA - Nicky Parks
PA - Emma Rose Bourne

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Ken Ren
Unique rapper g zeeeeeee🥰🥰🥰
Chate Jackson
Birth of pizza gate ...
S Garr
Its really out of this world what this song does to me
Daniel Balleza
Any other song that has a video the same or similar to this? what dou you recommend?
Daniel Balleza
Alguna otra canción que tenga un vídeo igual a este o parecido, ??? Que me recomiendan?
Hiram Martinez
Keep jamming these songs man I will keep following these are good really good👍👍up
Cihan Çavdar
oro*spu cocugunun albümünde bir tane kötü şarkı yok
mukesh pawar
G-eazy have some unique swag 😎
Andrew Hood
Can 100% relate to kid g eazy lmao.
Noah Tellez
Whenever I’m taking go up to hayward or Oakland I always blast this song. This song makes me so proud to be from the bay