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Rockstar (29-44hz) DJ Russticals

Dodano: 2017-11-29

Wyświetleń: 261044

Czas trwania: 03:40

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Opis materiału Rockstar (29-44hz) DJ Russticals

                  download here : http://www23.zippyshare.com/v/ZicH9ZrX/file.html

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personal system
2013 scion tc 
walled scion
two psi platform 3 18 high performance 3k rms
two crescendo 3500 amps at .5ohm
1 crescendo symphony S1500.1F mids/ highs amp
Mechman 240 amp Alternator 
Mechman AVBM II voltage controler
NVX equalizer
dual sky high OFC 1/0 audio wire power/grounds
3 xs power XP 3000 batteries
big 3 upgrade
toolmaker metalworks battery posts and amp dual inputs
pioneer radio
audiopipe voltmeter
attwood cooling fans 
Crunch DRA2450.4 amp 4 channel amp for doors
2 stock 1" tweeters
2 stock 4" speakers
2 stock 6x9" speakers
2 6.9" sony audio speakers
4 crescendo ft-1 8ohm  super tweeters
6 crescendo pwx 6.5in mids

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Badhacktime QC
Added tone? Could have done a real rebassed but it’s Nice anyway good job man
littleMak Games
foking headphonescan't hear sh*t
Alex Harris
Er, its the wrong tuning
MetazShan Stark
I believe, it should go deeper lower frequencies in the Hz areas, the frequencies in this range sound similar and one of the commets about it being down ad far as 20 Hz is right, I hope somebody or you could rebass it for some good low subsonic quality bass for higher end subwoofers and systems that can handle the audible lows or even the air flows lol, those are always fun frequencies, its hot out where I'm at need another A/C lol already got a nice A/C in my truck but itd be epic having another sub fan ja ha.
Completely wrong notes dude
troy hooper
My 4 12s are gettin off .!
Probably could just download every single song Russ has done on his website 🙊, but what do I know.