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Metallica- Death Magnetic Full Album Remastered

Dodano: 2014-01-01

Wyświetleń: 368790

Czas trwania: 01:14:44

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Opis materiału Metallica- Death Magnetic Full Album Remastered

                  Death Magnetic Remastered from the unmastered Guitar Hero III mix.

DOWNLOAD NOW AVAILABLE :D https://www.dropbox.com/sh/je0zkxcyiqfxix9/AAB_xNzC24oB2s--NDAWeicQa
Let me know if there are any issues with that link. 

That Was Just Your Life: 0:00
The End of the Line: 7:07
Broken, Beat, & Scarred: 15:00
The Day That Never Comes: 21:24
All Nightmare Long: 29:20
Cyanide: 37:18
Unforgiven III: 43:56
The Judas Kiss: 51:44
Suicide and Redemption: 59:45
My Apocalypse: 1:09:42                


awesome job!
Amazing! So much better than the seriously clipping-all-the-time studio release!
Elmo Blatch
I don't hear any difference. Same songs, same sound. I admit I'm just a peasant.
Jerry Quintal
Kirk rips it with a thrashing mad assortmant of lead guitar work.
Michael Hendricks
Always loved James' tone from this album. What's the least expensive way to get this sound with a head and cab? Pedals?
Richard Skipper
Great album,just wish Metallica would rediscover reverb..those guitar tones and vocals are dessert DRY.
Edwing Montalvo
Rock can rolla babeeee yeah
Agarthan Reaper
why did you remove the best solo on the album!!
you completely ripped the James solo in suicide and redemption...
mr seva
weird but true: the mastering guy didn't mess the first version up. it was the producers', who'd done the same thing to the Peppers californication. this CD was the end of the loudness wars, metaphorically, although anyone can make something loud. the guitar hero mix was pulled as stems prior to the producers' final mix, where they sheared off the top so the record had -5LUFS average level.