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Mauro Picotto - Adiemus

Dodano: 2012-03-15

Wyświetleń: 42701

Czas trwania: 05:06

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Opis materiału Mauro Picotto - Adiemus

                  I love it. Enjoy :)                


Stefano Chiapponi
Grazie per averla caricata. Torno indietro di 15 anni almeno,avevo più o meno 16 anni,ora ne ho 31. Sempre Mauro Picotto 🔝
julio roberto salguero ruiz
muy bueno mauro picotto muy excelente sigas
Dvd Him
i have the album it's adiemus with single adiemus not the version of mauro picotto different tracks this is the original... mauro picotto 've done a trance remix later and the name is proximus not adiemus
i am quite a big guy {1,98m ,weight+-118kg},work for 22 yrs as a scaffolder,was a soldier for 4 years..but this song makes me cry,the song sounds like a prayer in my opinion or a universal call to tell us we need to be more carefull about a lott of things, when i hear this song/tune i always have to think about my granny,she was sucha sweetheart and raised me since my parents divorced at my 13th ,i also think about all the pets i had ,and how i miss them so much
Seems this version is by Moneille and not Picotto? However, I like it. :)
Tessa Stürmer
sry but the original from Karl Jenkins is only the best and this for ever. - sry for my english, I'm a German girl and I know my english is terrible >_<
Eduardo Trujano
.___. what a angry boy....
mauro boffa
spettacolo.... grazie a tutti gli utenti youtube che hanno caricato le canzoni che mi riportano ai miei 23 anni....uno sbarbatello ero con un sub nel cofano più grande del bagagliaio.... grazie.....grazie sweetlikethat
this is a cover version made by picotto. yes, he also did a remix called "proximus"
This song is not by Mauro Picotto he only made a remix of this version. Get your facts straight before you upload.