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Queen + Adam Lambert - Fat Bottomed Girls (Live at Summer Sonic 2014)

Dodano: 2018-08-23

Wyświetleń: 1094985

Czas trwania: 06:50

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Opis materiału Queen + Adam Lambert - Fat Bottomed Girls (Live at Summer Sonic 2014)

                  Queen + Adam Lambert ''Fat Bottomed Girls'' (Live at Summer Sonic 2014)

Taken From Bluray "Queen + Adam Lambert Live In Japan"
Encoded by me!                


Steve Read
I have to agree with what people are saying, Adam Lambert is doing a great job in fronting Queen. He's not trying to be Freddie, just singing the songs and nailing them with his own panache.
Zira Ralte
gay adam
Elizabeth Valdiviezo Silupú
Safoora Gholghasemi
طفلی کویین 😶🙁
Brian May....consummate professional
Hanna J
Brian, Roger and John were heart broken when they lost Freddie. After the tribute concert in 92, John was done. Adam Lambert was the greatest gift for Roger and Brian and so respectful to Freddie’s legacy. We saw them two years ago and they were amazing. Since the movie so many new fans have found them. It’s so good to see them on top again.
Jose Luis Arenas Prado
I hate this fucking gay singing 🎶 this beautiful song... 😠 🖕 😠 🖕
Firestar Hart
This live version is actually really awesome. We're all going to compare and wonder what if Freddie Mercury never had contracted aids, or had died from them.But Adam Lambert is doing really well here. You can see he does channel, but he's not trying to mimic Freddie's voice or any of that. He's remaining himself and everyone looks like they're all happy to be there, and that's what counts. The legacy lives on. The Show Continued On.
Jeanie Dodson
Dam! He's fucking hot!
I don't know, guys, few years later and I'm still not getting it. Sounds to me like a talented but too-theatrical singer and his grandpa's friends' cover band, attempting Queen songs, but trying too hard to 'make it his own'.... Brian and Roger should have gone with a soundalike such as Marc Martel and really brought the magic that we all grew up listening to! And before someone says that would make them their own tribute band, what other songs are they doing?