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Cheryl Cole - Under The Sun - Stand Up To Cancer

Dodano: 2012-10-19

Wyświetleń: 28550

Czas trwania: 03:44

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Opis materiału Cheryl Cole - Under The Sun - Stand Up To Cancer

                  Cheryl Cole performing her single  Under The Sun on Stand Up To Cancer 19th October 2012. 

I do not own anything! No copyright intended, uploaded for entertainment purposes only! Credit to Snoop on GAM. :) 
All rights go to Stand Up To Cancer and Channel 4.                


Mo Nour
Cheryl Cole does smoke but only like once or twice a day, after her breakup with ashely she smoked 20 cigarettes every day,but stopped after getting malaria,
Hannah Smith
sounds like Alexandra stan song Lemonade
Laughs With Lulu
As a musician - I can confirm this is 100%. But is double tracked - she is singing over her own voice
Astrid Ljung
She is so beautiful and cool!<3 
TJ Brito
Pre-recorded base is totally acceptable. She made a good choice, because we know she is really singing and the backtrack hide possible fails.
Jai Grant
In the case of Call My Name, she was singing. She forgot there wasn't a backtrack., and she didn't realize. She mimes and cheryl fan who says she doesn't is insane, however, she can sing.
I love this performance, go Cheryl!
There is playback the whole way through are you retarded you can't defend a singer by saying it's common for her to mime one of her own songs
This is funnier the more you watch it
Mark Cunningham
I watched the second half, and I was embarrassed and cringing for her. I'm not saying it's just her because there are a lot of 'singers' today miming, but simply you just shouldn't. With strong female singers such as Adele, Pink, Emeli Sande who are willing to show their ACTUAL vocal talent, I have no idea why people buy and give in to this rubbish.