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Top 100 Rock Songs Of All Time

Dodano: 2016-12-21

Wyświetleń: 6391086

Czas trwania: 17:52

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                  https://youtu.be/MtGQ6LEeBlo - Top 100 Bands Of All Time
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https://youtu.be/GC3LrYxOcDI - Top 100 Classic Rock Songs
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Eren Star
Where is "We Could Be The Same" ? 🇹🇷
Zaytsev CS
In the End placed at 89????? What?
Samsul Andrianto
Where is halloween?
Da Niggaz English
11:54 to be continued
ljw ljw
Smells like teen spirit at number 2 😐😐😐
Mandres Hyp
More PanterA! RIP Dimebag, Vinnieand CliffEdit: Enter Sandman and Nothing else matters are not the best Metallica songs, where are Master of Puppets, Orion or One?
Álvaro Jose Asensio Galindo
I have 101 songs of the 100 in mi Spotify list
Где Sabaton Блат ?
Daniel Szewczyk
Come on. Seriously. Good songs but seriously your order is messed up. Also I think there's like 40 bands/artists... Do some homework dude.
Reuben Goldschmidt
Don’t stop believing, rock you like a hurricane and hey Jude are all top 50 (I don’t consider Hey Jude rock but there were plenty of Beatles songs on this list) there are probably plenty of other great rock songs I’m blanking on