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Japanese Language Lesson 13 - Locations

Dodano: 2013-04-12

Wyświetleń: 251846

Czas trwania: 06:31

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Opis materiału Japanese Language Lesson 13 - Locations

                  Please view previous lessons for additional vocabulary and grammar.
In this lesson you'll learn all about locations in the Japanese language!

Ue / うえ / Above
Shita / した / Under 
Mae / まえ / In front
Ushiro / うしろ / Behind
Naka / なか / Inside
Tonari / となり / Beside
Yoko / よこ / Beside
Chikaku / ちかく/ Near
Hako / はこ / Box
Isu / いす / Chair
Kaban / かばん / Bag
Boushi / ぼうし / Hat 
Hon / ほん / Book
Keitai / けいたい / Cell phone
Tokei / とけい / Watch

Hako no naka / はこのなかに / Inside the box

Hako no ue ni pen ga arimasu / はこのうえにペンがあります。 / There is a pen on top of the box.

Isu no ue ni kaban ga arimasu / いすのうえにかばんがあります。 / There is a bag on the chair.

Hon no shita ni keitai ga arimasu / ほんのしたにけいたいがあります。 / There is a cell phone beneath the book.

Ikkai / いっかい/ 1st floor
Nikai / にかい/ 2nd floor
Sangai / さんがい/ 3rd floor
Yonkai / よんかい/ 4th floor
Gokai / ごかい/ 5th floor
Rokkai / ろっかい/ 6th floor
Nanakai / ななかい/ 7th floor
Hakkai / はっかい/ 8th floor
Kyuukai / きゅうかい/ 9th floor
Juukai / じゅっかい/ 10th floor

Arimasu - used for non-living things
Imasu - used for living things

Sangai ni gingkou ga arimasu / さんがいにぎんこうがあります。 / There is a bank on the 3rd floor.

Hakkai ni Japan Society ga arimasu / はっかいにジャパンソサエティがあります。/ Japan Society is on the 8th floor.

Nikai ni Mary-san ga imasu / にかいにメアリさんがいます。 / Mary is on the 2nd floor.

Kuruma no naka ni Mary-san ga imasu / くるまのなかにメアリさんがいます。 / Mary is in the car.

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Bhandari Tikaram
thankas teachar
Ibnu Maulana
Outside is ? ....
Vale Sole
when the subject doesn't do an action I don't need to us the particle wa after it right ?
Amarendra Kumar
Please upload more videos on lessons of JLPT
Bhandari Tikaram
Thankas madam
adam mani
Super sensee arigato gosaimasu
Isamar Garrido
Marc Serre
thank you again ! great crazy backgrounds !WE (no) are FAR (Ni) from JAPANESE (ga) TALKING !
God-damn clown car, Mary has.
Cristian Salcedo
Dear all, I would like to ask as I understand that saying, for example, "isu no ue ni tokei ga arimasu" is more like : "there is A watch on top of the chair", whereas "tokei wa isu no ue ni arimasu" gives the idea of "THE watch is on top of the chair"... it's a big difference between any watch and the watch we all know we are talking about. Is this subtle change in meaning real or did I learn this wrong? thanks a lot!!! <3