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Cold War Kids - Finally Begin

Dodano: 2011-01-26

Wyświetleń: 127595

Czas trwania: 03:46

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Opis materiału Cold War Kids - Finally Begin

                  Off their 2011 album - Mine is Yours                


hbh Tcr
I don't interpret this to be about relationships. I listened to this album when I was single and innocent. And it still gives me that happy, hopeful feeling
Jessica Sgub
"The hours we keep, the days we saveThey add up to years, now face to faceWith you by my side, now I can standTo finally begin"I hope to sing this next year, when finally I'll live in the same city that my bf lives. We've been in a relationship since 2012, but we meet just a few times per year, because of the distance. I hope to "finally begin" next year. :)
Joaquim Del Blanco
@nightneko2010 cheers for that
"With you by my side, now I can stand." This song pretty well describes how it happened for me. My husband and I were both depressed and suicidal teenagers before we found each other. Though I still have doubts and still have a low self-esteem, I no longer want to die. When we started dating three years ago, I felt as though my life had finally begun. There's still plenty of adventure yet to come, with my husband by my side.
amazing song!
This song is the best in years
A genuinely moving song about the realisation that it IS possible to transcend from a predominantly negative and,thus, potentionally unfulfilled existance to one of positivity and light,culminating in a beautifully balanced relationship with your new bitch
Daniel R
no seriously wtf happened to CWK? :(
Liefde voor deze pracht muziek :3
Thx 3FM!