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Armin van Buuren (feat. Justine Suissa) - Burned With Desire (Rising Star Mix)

Dodano: 2010-02-03

Wyświetleń: 315814

Czas trwania: 04:36

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Opis materiału Armin van Buuren (feat. Justine Suissa) - Burned With Desire (Rising Star Mix)

                  Download this track or the whole album from iTunes: http://tinyurl.com/burnedwithdesire

Track playing: CD1 Track 6

1. Hymne - Written as an opening track for Armin Only 2005 in Ahoy Rotterdam with Jan Vayne. Originally released as a hidden track on the Shivers album.
2. Sail Theme track for Armin Only 2005, based on the historic connection Holland has with water and sailing. This track was used for the campaign to promote a huge Dutch boat event called Sail, held in Amsterdam every 5 years.
3. Love You More (feat. Racoon) - New version of this beautiful song and nr. 1 hit by Racoon. Originally made for a one time live performance version during Armin Only 2005.
4. Communication part 3 - "This is an updated version of the track that has meant a lot for my career. Originally this version of the track was meant for my DJ sets only.
5. Yet Another Day (feat. Ray Wilson) - I met Ray after a gig I did in Bathgate, Scotland. Hes one of the best live performing artists and a truly gifted musician.
6. Burned With Desire (feat. Justine Suissa) (Rising Star mix) - Originally written as a slow chill out track but I did this remix because people asked me if I could play it in my sets. My first attempt at writing vocals with the help of the lovely Justine.
7. 4 Elements - Originally released as Gaia 4 Elements. I did this track as the theme song for the 4 Elements festival in Holland in 2001. The track contains references to all 4 elements.
8. Sound of Goodbye (Dark Matter remix) - Original mix previously released as Perpetuous Dreamer The Sound of Goodbye. This was a previously unreleased mix of the sound of goodbye. A dancefloor favourite, people have been asking me a lot to release this mix.
9. Clear Blue Moon - Originally released as Rising Star Clear Blue Moon. I wrote this track in the middle of the winter during my internship at the lawfirm I was working for. One of my personal favorites!
10. Blue Fear - Originally released as Armin Blue Fear. This is where it all started for me 10 years ago. Made with only one sampler with 2 mb's of internal memory. This track has meant the most for my career. Its the oldest track on the album and opened a lot of doors when it entered the UK charts.
11. Exhale (feat. System F) - Written with the talented Ferry Corsten. Check out the video for this, recorded in central London and Coalville where we played a gig in the legendary Passion nightclub.

1. Whos Watching (Tonedepth remix) - Vocals written and recorded in New York with the beautiful Nadia. The guitar part was recorded in Sweden and the original mixes were done in Holland.
2. Saturday Night (vs. Herman Brood) - New Version of the classic rock track by Herman and his wild romance, one the biggest rock artists in Holland and a big hit in the US in the 70s. I found a bassline while working on another track and the riff just worked perfectly with it. This track is the theme to a movie about his life.
3. Zocalo (feat. Gabriel & Dresden) - Written and recorded with two of the worlds best producers in their studio in San Francisco in March 2005. We named it after the local coffeehouse where we got our coffees each morning while working on the track. This track always reminds me of Mexico.
4. This World is watching me (vs Rank 1 feat. Kush) - A brand new track made especially for this album with Rank 1 featuring the vocals of Kush. We always said we were going to do a track together one day.
5. Sunspot (feat. Airwave) - Written and produced with Laurant originally for his album back in 2003. Working with him taught me a lot about producing in general.
6. Touch Me - Originally released as Dark Star Feel me, later changed to Rising Star Touch Me. Track I originally made as a B-side to a track called See me. I opened with this track when I first played in Norway. It was the first time I ever played in another country.
7. Simple Things (feat. Justine Suissa) - Previously unreleased track with Justine. We wrote it in the same week as Wall of Sound, but I didnt have time to finish it for the Shivers album. I love the harmonies on this one.
8. Shivers (Alex M.O.R.P.H. Red light dub) - The original of this track was birth of an angel and was never supposed to be a vocal track until Raz & Adrian wrote this great hook with Susana. Great remix by Alex M.O.R.P.H.
9. Wall of Sound (Airbase presents Parc mix) (feat. Justine Suissa) - I told Justine I wanted to write about a different subject instead of romance or love for this track. This remix absolutely rocks every floor Ive played it on.
10. Intruder (feat. M.I.K.E.) - Written in Belgium with M.I.K.E. We both wanted to make something different and came up with this.

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Сергей Белоногов
Полет нормальный!
Robson Gomes
Jose Mende
No this is awesome I remember when I was 25 no way beautiful things
Oleg Druzhynets
2019! Armin please come back to trance!
Obsessed with this song...
Shogun Ferdi
thanks for this video, With very good quality of sound...
dev iORi
Ashley Hangoway
2018 😎 💕
Jessica Belcher
I love this tune... heartbreaking lyrics
Hari Anto
2017 ! Who's still listening ☝?