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Tangerine Dream - Poland (2CD Edition)

Dodano: 2014-02-20

Wyświetleń: 176494

Czas trwania: 01:21:47

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Opis materiału Tangerine Dream - Poland (2CD Edition)

                  0:00:00 - Poland  [22.36]
0:22:36 - Tangent  [15.53]
0:38:29 - Rare Bird  [4.02]
0:42:31 - Barbakane  [18.05]
1:00:36 - Horizon  [21.10]

December 10, 1983
Ice Stadium (Warsaw)

Johannes Schmoelling -
Jupiter 8, PPG Wave 2.3 Waveterm, Eeh Cm 4 Digital Sequencer, Bohm Digital Drums, Roland Tr 808 Drums, Mini Moog, Korg Monopoly, Roland SDE 3000 Delay, Canproduct Mixer, MXR 01 Digital Reverb, Mxr Digital Delay, Boss Overdrive/flanger.

Chris Franke -
Prophet 5, Prophet 600, Prophet 1, E-mu Custom Programmable Synth, Moog Custom Programmable Modular Synth, Mti Synergy, Pe Polyhythmic Sequencer, Compulab Digital Sequencer, Syntec Custom Digital Drum Computer, Simmons Drum Modules, Quantec Room Simulator, Roland SDE 3000, Hill Multi-mixer.

Edgar Froese - 
Yamaha DX 7, Yamaha YP 30, Jupiter 8, Jupiter 6, Prophet 5, Ppg Wave 2.2, Pe Polyrhythmic Sequencer, Eeh Cm 4 Digital Sequencer, Pe Custom Trigger Selector, Dmx Oberheim Digital Drums, Publison Dhm 89 B2, Publison Kb 2000, Korg Sdd 3000 Delay, Quantec Room Simulator, Roland Sde Midi/dcb Inerfaces, Canproduct Mixer.

in 2011 the British Esoteric Records started to re-release the TD back catalog of the Pink and Blue Years. The first album to be re-released was Poland as a so-called "expanded double CD version", that is, the complete material as released on the original LP. Unlike on previous releases, the track Tangent has been split into its main part and the Rare Bird encore, which is quite reasonable, as these two are indeed distinct compositions. Plus Barbakane was restored to its full length, having previously being shortened on the single CD releases.                


Michal Janukanis
Goose bumps every time I listen to this!
I saw a comment on somewhere that Edgar Frosse could have been more famous.... there isn't anyone more famous in our house.... this is totally the best album by tangerine dream I have ever heard ...yup close call with a few... rubycon ... encore...tangram but this is brilliant. Thanks to
Noti Fawkes
My mind is still blown at how I at 34 years of age, credit my dadwhom started collecting Tangerine Dream albums when he was younger than I am now and always would be playing them on his big stereo over the years.... how I paid no mind and I actually absolutely despise anyting created with a synthesizer having been a guitar enthusiast but now in my older age I have come to know Tangerine Dream far greater and deeper than my dad ever has and I cherish his 30-plus CD collection that shaped me into having the mindset that I do now as an adult I could listen to Tangerine Dream on repeat for the rest of my life with tears in my eyes every time the real present was seeing Tangerine Dream about 3 years back front row in Boston at the House of Blues but my dad was too sick to make it rest in peace Edgar and my dad is still alive by the way
Great listening while driving late at night during a blizzard, no cars on the road with some Wawa coffee to keep you warm.
Dave Schulz
I concur this is one of their best . I listened to about 15 of their albums . My first TG album was Electronic Meditation which I found intresting but foreboding . If I hear something good from them on youtube I will go buy the album.
darek hiszpan
Kultowa płytka i koncert ze wspaniałą zapowiedzią p.Kaczkowskiego....
Pete Perry
I have no idea why, but having seen the Tangs back in the day and all these years later this is still my fave.
Byłem we Wrocławiu i mimo olbrzymiego ścisku poczułem się na moment całkowicie wolny.Mimo zimna ten koncert dał mi moment wytchnienia od codziennej ,szarej i beznadziejnej rzeczywistości PRL i kiedy zawsze słyszę po wielokroć dwa fragmenty Horizon 1:06 do 1:10 a zwłaszcza ten od 1:14.50 - 1: 21 to ciarki przechodzą po plecach i pojawiają się same z siebie łzy....Wciąż chyba tęsknię za akordami tej płyty oraz ENCORE szukając ich w Deep House, którego obecnie słucham. R.I.P. Edgar Froese
Łukasz Wieczorek
IS that new release? I didnt have the third track in my album.
Awesome. I tripped hard to this. So such still love it