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Tangerine Dream - Poland (2CD Edition)

Dodano: 2014-02-20

Wyświetleń: 202170

Czas trwania: 01:21:47

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Opis materiału Tangerine Dream - Poland (2CD Edition)

                  0:00:00 - Poland  [22.36]
0:22:36 - Tangent  [15.53]
0:38:29 - Rare Bird  [4.02]
0:42:31 - Barbakane  [18.05]
1:00:36 - Horizon  [21.10]

December 10, 1983
Ice Stadium (Warsaw)

Johannes Schmoelling -
Jupiter 8, PPG Wave 2.3 Waveterm, Eeh Cm 4 Digital Sequencer, Bohm Digital Drums, Roland Tr 808 Drums, Mini Moog, Korg Monopoly, Roland SDE 3000 Delay, Canproduct Mixer, MXR 01 Digital Reverb, Mxr Digital Delay, Boss Overdrive/flanger.

Chris Franke -
Prophet 5, Prophet 600, Prophet 1, E-mu Custom Programmable Synth, Moog Custom Programmable Modular Synth, Mti Synergy, Pe Polyhythmic Sequencer, Compulab Digital Sequencer, Syntec Custom Digital Drum Computer, Simmons Drum Modules, Quantec Room Simulator, Roland SDE 3000, Hill Multi-mixer.

Edgar Froese - 
Yamaha DX 7, Yamaha YP 30, Jupiter 8, Jupiter 6, Prophet 5, Ppg Wave 2.2, Pe Polyrhythmic Sequencer, Eeh Cm 4 Digital Sequencer, Pe Custom Trigger Selector, Dmx Oberheim Digital Drums, Publison Dhm 89 B2, Publison Kb 2000, Korg Sdd 3000 Delay, Quantec Room Simulator, Roland Sde Midi/dcb Inerfaces, Canproduct Mixer.

in 2011 the British Esoteric Records started to re-release the TD back catalog of the Pink and Blue Years. The first album to be re-released was Poland as a so-called "expanded double CD version", that is, the complete material as released on the original LP. Unlike on previous releases, the track Tangent has been split into its main part and the Rare Bird encore, which is quite reasonable, as these two are indeed distinct compositions. Plus Barbakane was restored to its full length, having previously being shortened on the single CD releases.                


Rob McGinley
Probably my most played TD album......epic
Luis-rey Velasco
I scored the vinyl on Record Store Day 2019— Thank you Tangerine Dream for the release 2019.
Marek L. Kozak
Sadly this is not all they have played that night. I have never ever heard Kiev Mission in Polish but there.
Zach Haywood
I know a lot of people tend to say that Ricochet is the best live TD album, but in my opinion, it's this, no contest.
Andrew Haines
Why on earth did I give away my 1st pressing vinyl copy of this when I bought it on CD! Doh! Now I've got to spend a small fortune getting another copy!
CP TB303
This is being re-issued on double clear vinyl for Record Store Day 2019.Think i'll stick to my original black copy purchased in 1984.
Didier Perrusset
I've heard the entire concert lenght is more than 2 hours duration ? True or fFalse ?
Robert Smart
Unlike most electronic bands in there day they always tried to make sure there is a human element in the music ?
Radu CIrcei
This really is at the level of Pink Floyd! Amazing!
Aurora Martell
I might be slightly hooked on this..