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Arctic Monkeys - One For The Road (Official Video)

Dodano: 2013-10-24

Wyświetleń: 38984167

Czas trwania: 03:27

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Opis materiału Arctic Monkeys - One For The Road (Official Video)

                  Arctic Monkeys - 'One For The Road' from 'AM', released 2013 on Domino Record Co
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Arctic Monkeys’ new album ‘Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino’ is out now on Domino Record Co. Buy & listen: http://smarturl.it/TranquilityBase 

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Directed by Focus Creeps.                


Femme Fatale
non so che nome mettere non so che nome mettere
0:54 - 1:00 god i love this part
The part at 2:30 is so ominous and beautiful
Emma Martz-Chroniger
1:56 My favorite part by far
Fabricio Arteaga
1:36 my favorite part
Em todos os comentários eu vou estar lá gamer
This is American
Arctic Monkeys Fans
OMG Alex It's Beautiful
chicha rhon
Alex is such a husband material
Master LuckY
Belas máquinas agrícolas.
Raul Martinez
Why ride a motorcycle when you can just ride a tractor?