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Frankie Lymon - Little Bitty Pretty One

Dodano: 2012-09-10

Wyświetleń: 677937

Czas trwania: 02:42

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Opis materiału Frankie Lymon - Little Bitty Pretty One



Sam Mayson-Dobson
what do you think about the changes a&w is making?
Freckle Flu
when a kid dies there voice is added to this song
Lorena Cardinal
This song just gets me dancing ..awesome voice😘awesome beat🙂
Janice Barnes
I am white and black people have the most beautiful singing voice out love this song go Frankie xx
Ana Lúcia
actually the original creator was Bobby day not thurson Harris but these other versions are classic
Ana Lúcia
fun fact: this music by Frankie is a homage to it's original creator:thurson Harris
Billy P
Lymon was way gone with the teenagers when he did this song his last hit that barely made the top 50.
Simple Waze
Original is way better
Cyndy Thigpen
Leinad Avlis