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twenty one pilots - "My Blood" [LIVE @ SiriusXM]

Dodano: 2019-01-31

Wyświetleń: 696835

Czas trwania: 05:56

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Opis materiału twenty one pilots - "My Blood" [LIVE @ SiriusXM]

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Joey Meh
This song reminds me of my sister and I and our bond. It has also been something along the lines of a savior in song form. I remember listening to it when I felt very unwell.
Līzzîë Båbïê
Tyler:*is talking and singing*Me: trying not to cry
Cristy Maday
Beautiful Tyler...
Mateus Neves
i love you Tyler
Kyokai Cambell
The explaining was beautiful, but it wasn’t funny to me at all, I was even irritated by the people who laughed lmao
Thank you for getting me laugh through the tears... I talk smack about my fam but if you think you can go after them... I'm the crazy cousin the family speaks of in hushed tones... most have one like me, make it a point to be nice to everyone. Please.
ana loves tyler
i'm cryring
dizzie urie
4:38 is the part i start to really cry ksajhdywghjs im such a weak human being
Everyone: my blood has such deep meaningTyler: yeha no about my cousin
Julia Lopes
frick his voice is so beautiful. the high notes really got to me-