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Luca D'Alberto — Endless [Full Album]

Dodano: 2019-02-15

Wyświetleń: 69686

Czas trwania: 38:37

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Opis materiału Luca D'Alberto — Endless [Full Album]

                  Genre : Neoclassical
Country : Italy
Released : June 2, 2017
Bandcamp : https://lucadalberto.bandcamp.com/music
Website : http://luca-dalberto.com/

~ Tracklist ~

1 — 00:00 — Wait For Me
2 — 04:07 — Blessed Messenger
3 — 06:58 — Yellow Moon
4 — 12:41 — Endless (26th May 2016)
5 — 17:10 — Start Again
6 — 20:29 — Her Dreams
7 — 24:48 — My Way
8 — 30:45 — Everywhere You Are
9 — 34:25 — Screaming Silence


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Luca DAlberto
Thanks Years Of Silence, thanks for the wonderful comments and for the love; I want to wish you all a great journey in my music.
That album is amazing.
Grégory Pavin
Max Richter vibes! Love it!
Ana Amaral
Thank you for so much hope, force, freedom and true!
Grazie Alberto e complimenti per questa fantastica espressione! all the best
lol i was really intrigued and wondered how neoclassical country music would sound like.. turns out it just broke the formatting in the description^^probably better this way tho ;)
Bernie Viscont
I learned something from listening this album.First, my life will not last forever.Second, I don’t need to worry. We can’t escape from eternity.What a nice dualism....💐
Paula Maria Gomez Lemus
Thank You
Kris Trznadel
Absolutely brilliant music 😀
Corvo King
De alguna forma misteriosa este tipo de música me inspira a vivir.