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Luca D'Alberto — Endless [Full Album]

Dodano: 2019-02-15

Wyświetleń: 62895

Czas trwania: 38:37

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Opis materiału Luca D'Alberto — Endless [Full Album]

                  Genre : Neoclassical
Country : Italy
Released : June 2, 2017
Bandcamp : https://lucadalberto.bandcamp.com/music
Website : http://luca-dalberto.com/

~ Tracklist ~

1 — 00:00 — Wait For Me
2 — 04:07 — Blessed Messenger
3 — 06:58 — Yellow Moon
4 — 12:41 — Endless (26th May 2016)
5 — 17:10 — Start Again
6 — 20:29 — Her Dreams
7 — 24:48 — My Way
8 — 30:45 — Everywhere You Are
9 — 34:25 — Screaming Silence


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Luca DAlberto
Thanks Years Of Silence, thanks for the wonderful comments and for the love; I want to wish you all a great journey in my music.
Corvo King
De alguna forma misteriosa este tipo de música me inspira a vivir.
Great Music from Italy!
Yara Nasser
Lea Teuteu
amazing album. It's a shame people dont see pure talent like this nowadays and just listen to mainstream radio when they can be finding lovely music like this
Ellie B
Instant chills. My sisters and I play cello, piano, violin accompaniment music. I love this!
Agradezco este material invaluable
Daniel Gutierrez
copada la onda
Gardner Pierce
This really reminds me of the Gris soundtrack. With is beautiful use of strings, the long drawing outs notes, and cascading buildups give this heavy emotional tone. Incredible work!