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Light Rain & Thunder - Relaxing Ambient Nature Sounds - 11 Hours - Relax/ Sleep/ Study/ Meditate

Dodano: 2016-08-12

Wyświetleń: 505158

Czas trwania: 11:12

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Opis materiału Light Rain & Thunder - Relaxing Ambient Nature Sounds - 11 Hours - Relax/ Sleep/ Study/ Meditate

                  Relax and sleep deeply with the calming natural sounds of gentle summer rain and heavy thunder rolling in the distance. This video is an ideal soundscape for deep sleep and relaxation, meditation and study, and could also be used to help with stress relief and insomnia or just to create a peaceful atmosphere in your home or office.

All material in this video is original and personally recorded by myself.
Copyright © 2016 Petar Paunchev. All Rights Reserved.                


Laura DP
I didn't realize how much I'd miss summer thunderstorms until I moved to a country that never gets any. This always brings me back to the woods of my childhood, thank you for sharing this recording.
Donald Beach
Running this all day and into the night....wondering when you will do The Wind, it too gives voice to trees, grasses, rocks and water even as water gives voice to stone, wood and trees. I could so trip to that : )
Ava Turk
y’all i turned on this video and i got an o-riley’s auto parts ad and i threw my phone bc i got scared and it cracked 😭😂
My dog's only real natural fear in life is thunder. She just came to me twice for reassurance in the first four minutes of playing at reasonable volume on a regular computer. If that doesnt tell you this recording is legit, then nothing will. (edit: 3x in 6 minutes, with the third time accompanied by rapid breathing. That must be a new record.)
Donald Beach
After that comment, the next day brought...two clients closing their sales within 1 hour of opening! Out of the blue! Beginning to think some of the Great Spirit of the Ancient Beginning...as Taoist...sneaks into these things and opens us to the great unknown more that our conscious minds can imagine!
Donald Beach
..and so I stumble upon another one of your amazing works. Simple really but most have no idea works like this exist! Really fit my mood today, sipping a bourbon on ice, wondering what the future will bring. Peace out fellow nature lovers!
Listen to it for over 1 hour at around 1:49:06 and it turns into needing the toilet video, sounds like someone has a flooded downpipe.
why ?
I woke up to there being 10 minutes left lmao
Ryan Hollingsworth
The Shuffler
Now all we need is a saxophone in the background