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Light Rain & Thunder - Relaxing Ambient Nature Sounds - 11 Hours - Relax/ Sleep/ Study/ Meditate

Dodano: 2016-08-12

Wyświetleń: 415519

Czas trwania: 11:12

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Opis materiału Light Rain & Thunder - Relaxing Ambient Nature Sounds - 11 Hours - Relax/ Sleep/ Study/ Meditate

                  Relax and sleep deeply with the calming natural sounds of gentle summer rain and heavy thunder rolling in the distance. This video is an ideal soundscape for deep sleep and relaxation, meditation and study, and could also be used to help with stress relief and insomnia or just to create a peaceful atmosphere in your home or office.

All material in this video is original and personally recorded by myself.
Copyright © 2016 TheSilentWatcher.com. All Rights Reserved.                


Dylan Coburn
Fish 08:55:321-0
This gives me The summer vibe 8’o clock raining vibe, especially with The birds chirping
Not a fan of the birds, otherwise a great video.
It's nice aside from one slight problem and I know that many people would say "you're too picky, etc. etc." But for me I find the rapidly chirping birds are distracting from the thunderstorm noise itself...altho I know if you recorded this yourself that you can't really help if animals are going crazy lol (trust me, I get it living out in the country and all) but if you actually edited these clips together maybe not add SO loud of birds chirping or even just have an occasional chirp or two for added flavor to the audio.. hope this helps <3
the occasional thunder is rly calming because there's no flashes of lightning accompanying the thunder which is reassuring because i don't like lightning because it scares me because it's very bright and so sudden
Love it
I can hear birds (((
Deaner Jean Williams
I love this rain and thunder except the birds are distracting.
Scott Kaplan
Madison N Shylar Gachafans
It’s August 25th 2019.You toss and turn but you can’t sleep, so you decide to leave the bedroom and go sit in the lounge room.You Start to feel cold so you grabbed a warm blanket.Your dog noticed that you were awake, so it jumped up on the lounge and rested near/in your lap.You look outside,And think to yourselfIts really pouring downYou quietly lift the blinds to reveal your front yard, you gaze in amazement of how incredibly yet majestic it looks.“Wow... now that’s something..” But then a lightning bolt stuck down near a tree that was also in your front yard...What will happen next?What will you do and will there ever be a tbc?Maybe when I haven’t stayed up half the night...