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3D Modeling Tutorial #58 - Normal Maps Part 8

Dodano: 2014-07-11

Wyświetleń: 7127

Czas trwania: 21:52

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Opis materiału 3D Modeling Tutorial #58 - Normal Maps Part 8

                  3D Modeling Tutorial #58 - Normal Maps Part 8

In this video I'll give you information on baking good normal maps and begin creating a low-polygon game resolution mesh for a canister asset.

Canister Project File # 1:

Link to TexTools:


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Mypd 142
perfect tutorial,
Silver Starling
If you use 3ds Max higher than 2010 version, don't forget to close and re-open program after install textools.
Максим Кица
In which lesson the continuation, specifically this example????
The Maphio
Can I have a simple technical reply to a question?I see that when you used TexTools it put the various UVW islands neatly, in a tidy fashion and the texture showed even if the islands weren't in the designated UVW area. Why is putting them in such area important then?
Tnx Arrimus
Dang Dong
it can use on 3ds max 2014 ?
Daniel Almeida
no 3D Modeling Tutorial #59 - Normal Maps Part 9?
Chuck Maple
Nice tutorial. I have been following your videos for a while now. Very educational videos. Really helps me alot when trying to find certain ways to model a specific asset. Great job man.