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The Way It Used To Be ( 1969 ) - ENGELBERT HUMPERDINCK - Lyrics

Dodano: 2016-08-15

Wyświetleń: 4795155

Czas trwania: 03:08

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Opis materiału The Way It Used To Be ( 1969 ) - ENGELBERT HUMPERDINCK - Lyrics

                  I ♥ Oldies
The Way It Used To Be ( 1969 ) - ENGELBERT HUMPERDINCK - Lyrics
Lonely table just for one
In a bright and crowded room
While the music has begun
I drink to memories in the gloom
Though the music's still the same
It has a bittersweet refrain

So play the song the way it used to be
Before she left and changed it all to sadness
And maybe if she's passing by the window
She will hear our love song and the melody
And even if the words are not so tender
She will always remember the way it used to be

Friends stop by and say hello
And I laugh and hide the pain
It's quite easy to let go
Then the song begins again

S.Vansay ( Vanhxay )                


Deden Supriana
Great song my favoriets
idz Faidz
omg..Soul Soul melody Song 2019
Sylvia Christodoulou
My fathers favourite,I miss you dad
Nirmale Perera
Good song
Love Alone
A wasted life waiting on a dream Hoping for things the way they used to be ..
Juan Chaves
El nombre de este cantante es igual al de un compositor alemán, autor de la ópera Hansel y Gretel. En la época de este cantante era común que los intérpretes tomaran nombres de destacados artistas del pasado como Sandro (Boticelli), Raphael (Sanzio), Leonardo (Da Vinci). Como sea, Humperdinck tiene una voz exquisita
Janet Hu
Sorry, the comment I put out 3 weeks ago is for another video, not this. Maybe I typed too slow or too fast?
Agnetha est ma reine et je l'aime depuis des décennies
y tal vez si pasa por la ventana, escuchará nuestra canción de amor y la melodía ...
Julia Partridge
LoveGreat song