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Elohim - Hillsong Worship

Dodano: 2017-05-09

Wyświetleń: 7697048

Czas trwania: 04:57

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Opis materiału Elohim - Hillsong Worship

                  "Elohim" from our latest album 'let there be light' recorded live at ‪Hillsong Conference in Sydney, Australia.  Available now at http://smarturl.it/LetThereBeLight?IQid=youtube

Words and Music by Marty Sampson
© 2016 Hillsong Music Publishing
CCLI: 7069097

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I stand upon the solid rock
Of faith in Christ
This steadfast hope shall not
Break apart within the trial
I am assured
His promises will never fail
As long as life remains
He is faithful

God is patient
God is kind
He does not envy
He does not boast
His ways are higher than my own
His thoughts consume the great unknown
Of this alone I am sure
My God is love

I draw my breath under His
Created windswept sky
I know my hope shall last
Long after my flesh retires
From dusk until the dawn
He calls His children home
His righteous love outlasts generations

He is Almighty God
Maker of the earth
He is the Lord of hosts
Heaven’s King
God of endless worth
His kingdom stands above
Every power
Every living soul
His love is like the sun
Ever true
Shining over all                


Angella Albin
Abba God has placed him in Jesus’s right hand Marty is of The Lord’s and nothing will take him away from Jesus’s love..He May have left as humans we all do but Jesus always is there and again He makes us fall in love with Him..I have no doubt that The Good Lord who started a good work in Him will finish it ,I am confident In Our Good Father..Like the prodigal son return He’s coming back will be grand and it’ll be bigger better because The Lord’s promise is loyal..In Marty’s Highlands And his valleys all the same
Loren Rosaulina
Yes! Jesus is the Lord!!
Александр Нэвил
Покайтесь и Бог вас простит
Franklin Castaneda
Marty! This is so heavenly 😭❤️ prayers to you!
Sc Wong
He got depression
Biren Singh
Hallelujah body of Christ! Hossana
Jeff Jeffy
yo ma kore elohim, tavi li kesef
lynn Sonique
Elohim El Olam is faithful. Amen
I am so blessed with this song
Pedro Freire
This man is out of home? Not for me. The pression of de Gospel Lifestyle kills peace in mind and dreams. Happen to me and to many people in church. God save us from that, when He will. Its a Purpose in this all.And some more: God is not in some miracle things, He is in everything. He dont explain himself because He is all.