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Miami Vice: Russ Ballard - The Fire Still Burns (Daytona Mix)

Dodano: 2010-04-29

Wyświetleń: 400776

Czas trwania: 03:49

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Opis materiału Miami Vice: Russ Ballard - The Fire Still Burns (Daytona Mix)

                  Crockett and Tubbs go cruising in the Daytona.

Music: Russ Ballard - The Fire Still Burns (1985)                


Joel Natt
What is funny is the video of them driving is actually Alligator Alley (East/West) and not Miami to Daytona at the start of the video.
No other decade defined cool like the 80's. Style was everything.
Mariano Polano
Magic of tche 80 sss ..............
built on a Corvette chassis, best car of the series
yeomanric sei
I love this
They were way ahead of their time with those white bass rods! 🤣
v. p.
Miami vice bellissimo video e stupende musiche
agnelanna heavens
Someday, a producer will find investors willing to make a series like this again...someday
Benaissa saida
Best is the best good